The beginning of an era


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    The beginning of an era Empty The beginning of an era

    Post by jelly on Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:30 am

    The first generation of the Air jordan shoes shoe has a prominent "winged basketball" logo, the use of trapeze signs ago, the first generation of Gen 1 and 2, Jordan basketball shoes are used as a winged logo. Jordan shoes first appeared in 1985, 1994 and 2001 NIKE companies produced twice again this shoes. Red and black with the classic color, in addition, compared with blue-black.
    For Jordan we have many memories. here do not speak of jordan's excellent performance but just tell something about the single shoes of jordan--- that Jordan series basketball shoes.Today more and more people buy jordan shoes. So for the first time Nike has shaken the Converse basketball shoes in the position. Jordan 1 on behalf of the black and red with white three-color, hard-rubber outsole system, no technology content, in fact, these shoes are heavy, but it is the beginning of an era.
    For most people buy jordan shoes they don't mind is it expensive or cheap. they buy it just to express their love and respect for Jordan.NO matter your are Jordan fans or not ,to own a Cheap jordan shoes willl make you feel happy.Wearing Jordan shoes will feel and fashion and walk with are sure good for health.
    Jordan's signature shoes every generation there will be 23, it is a symbol of his former uniform number. The air Jordan 23 shoe is his number at the end of, actually, that did not receive the exact, in the shoe, the Nike Jordan each year will be the exclusive signature shoe, named only just different, named after the shoe and then the year mainly as it is to this year's will be out next year, air jordan 2009 air jordan 2010 is the case.
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