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    Post by james21 on Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:11 am

    coach outlet Fairly eventful, Shannon and I made our way to New York last Monday for a chance to meet and greet the head of theOperating Louis Vuitton North America, Daniel Lalonde. When we re?u theinvitation last week while on vacation, it 'sThere was no real hesitation before realizing that we should take this unique opportunity.

    discount coach handbags Shannon and Ihad great hopes that theevent would take place in the flagship store on 5th Avenue in our fantasies we planned Vuitton off an entire floor of impatient customers and allowing participants totravel event disappointment freely.The palace was only when a low-type SA in the store gave us in thebuilding adjacent to 57th Street, where part of the company's headquarters Louis Vuitton NA are located. the room ofexhibition was to present beautiful collectible pieces ofLV autumn, some of which I caught on camera.

    cheap coach bags In theOverall, I think a good 25 people circles in and outside the courtroom,exposure during the two hours we talked, networked toanalyze and cooperation. The guest editors were mainly local New York fashion bloggers, some of which included our good friends Daniel and Rebecca Saynt Yuli Ziv, Wendy Lam and the ever-fabulous Gala Darling. There was more, unfortunately I don 'not had the chance to meet everyone.

    buy coach handbags Purpose of the cocktail and hors d '??To my pleasant surprise,Time implement with the CEO of Louis Vuitton and the friendly staff Vuitton has been to continue the ongoing dialogue between the fashion house and us online fashion editors and bloggers.
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