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    Here can get jordans free Empty Here can get jordans free

    Post by james21 on Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:32 am

    Dear friend:
    Jordan shoes The newly opened Nike flagship is locted in the middle of XiaMen with an operating area of 1100 square metres.It is a massive store,divided into four floors.It has the newest and coolest shoes,you can find whatever you like.The whole layout of the store is unifief by the new design,so when you are shipping in the store you'll feel comfortable.
    Air jordan shoes In order to celebrate the opening of the shop,for the new old customer feedback,we promotes the following activities:
    (1) Purchase three pairs of shoes,get one pair of jordans free.
    (2) Purchase five pairs of shoes,get two pairs of jordans free.
    (3) Purchase ten pairs of shoes,get five pairs of jordans free.
    Nike Air Jordan Porchase flow:regeister--enter--select goods--pay--Please email us,you get the jordans free(name of shoes,type,color,size).
    Air Jordans Soecial reminder for buyers:Please pay attention that your registered account is the same as the payment account of your email,in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.Welcome to www.spam-site.www,if any problem please contact us:info@spam-site.www.

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